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Harahey 40

3" Harahey, Peoria Chert, found by Darren Dirksen in Eastern Oklahoma

Harahey 41

A NICE little Alibates Harahey from Caddo Co., OK. 2 3/8" long, Perino COA, Ex Lonnie Hartline and Mike Speer Collections

Harahey 42

Alibates Harahey from Caddo Co., OK. 2 1/4" long, Perino COA

Harahey 43

Alibates Harahey varient, 2 1/2" long

5"? Harahey variant Kansas Turkeytail

Harahey 39

5 1/2" Alibates Harahey Varient, broken and glued

Harahey 44

This is a great piece. These are called "Kansas Turkeytails" by collectors, they are also commonly called "SEKANS" for SouthEast Kansas, were this style was first identified. Perino calls them Neosho Knives. Whatever you call it, these are variations on the Harahey knife. This one is a favorite of mine, I have several on my site including two nice ones from Greg Perino's collection. As for this point, I can tell you it is 5 1/2" long, made of Kay Co. Chert and it has a small nick in the midsection.





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