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Arrowpoint 133


SIZE : 1 1/4"?

HISTORY :Cahokia, Walta Frame

NOTES :Ex Pete Bostrum

Arrowpoint 159

TYPE :Fresno

SIZE :1"


NOTES :Kay County Chert

Miscellaneous 37

A 3" Discodial from Cahokia

Arrowpoint 115

1 1/2" Cahokia point, pictured in Titterington's book, Kaolin Chert

Arrowpoint 116

1 1/2" Cahokia point, pictured in numerous books and journals

Arrowpoint 136

TYPE :Cahokia

SIZE :1 1/4"

HISTORY :South Central Missouri

NOTES :Ex Chuck Lamb, Ken Partain, Motley & Partain COAs (Typed as a Knight Island)

Caddo 95

2 1/4" Nodena, Yell Co., Ark., Pinter's Chert

West Coast 69

1 1/4" Desert Side notch, from California

West Coast 68

1 inch long San Bruno

West Coast 67

Incredible 2" Gunther from Matole, Humbolt Co., CA. Found by Bruce Owens 1950's. Franciscan Chert, Purchased from Jeb Taylor in 2008 with his Projectile Point Evaluation. Pictured in Prehistoric American #4 - 2008

South Texas 186

West Coast 114

1 1/2" Cahuilla Point, San Deigo Co., CA.

South Texas 187

E.TX/LA 152

TYPE :Bayagoula

SIZE :1 5/8"



West Coast 165

One of the rarest types to find! 2 3/16" Strong Barbed Auriculate point. Minor restoration of less than 1/16" to the end of one barb; the restoration was done by reputable artist Steve Allely. The point was found in 1963 by Bob and Virginia Howard near the Decker Site, in Columbia County, Oregon. This point is pictured in "Wappato Indians of the Lower Columbia River Valley" 1972 by Roy Franklin Jones, Page 171. Also pictured in OAS "Screenings", Sept. 1963. Also see Overstreet Vol. XIII, pg 1288, for reference to rarity and value. This point type was named in honor of the famous amateur archaeologist Emory Strong, author of "Stone Age on the Columbia River". Perhaps a once in a lifetime chance to own a large example of this extremely rare style.

Arrowpoint 85

TYPE :Eastgate?

SIZE :1 1/4"

HISTORY :Colorado

NOTES :Eastgate 29

Columbia Plateau 62

TYPE :Columbia Plateau

SIZE :1 3/8"

HISTORY :found by Norm Exton 

NOTES :Ex Tony Hardie

Arrowpoint 61

Museum quality Canalino Triangular - one of the finest known of this type! Spectacular flaking and style - 2 13/16" long, made from Franciscan Chert. Found by Al A. Allanson in Santa Barbara Co., California in 1958. Pictured in Prehistoric American #4 - 2008. Stermer, Jackson and Bennett COAs.

West Coast 70

2 3/4" point from California found by Rolene Brumley near Lake Buena Vista, CA. ( Tulare Lake Region)

A group of Obsidian points from the Southwest, they have been melted together in a fire each point is 3/8" long, you can still see the fiber matting on the surface



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