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ITEM # 1

The Bell-Lockesburg Blade is a masterpiece, a work of art. It is made from a translucent Edwards chert. The dark chocolate brown color is typical for Lockesburg pieces and may reflect patination created by the soil conditions at the site. When illuminated by backlight, the blade shows a warm golden glow. It is so thin and translucent; you can actually read Bell’s inventory number on one side through the piece from the reverse side! The high quality of the chert allowed removal of the broad shallow flakes that are necessary to create the unbelievable thinness of the blade.

The blade measured 9” long, 3 & 3/8 “ wide and as thin as 3/32” at one point.

Prehistoric American Vol XLI Number 3 2007

Central States Archaeological Journal vol.55 oct 2008 Number 4 Arkansas 50th Anniversary Edition, pg. 234

ITEM # 2

12 1/8" Lockesburg blade

ITEM # 3

10 3/4" Lockesburg blade

comparison to 1930's photo inset in the image below

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