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Robert E. Bell Collection


1 7/8" Cache River "1238-Arrowhead found in Dunklin Co., MO. Bought from Dr. McGuire of Campbell. value .35" R.E.Bell

2" Jack's Reef Pentagonal "1192- arrowhead found near Wrightsville, OH. from the Meuser Collection. value .30" R.E.Bell

2 5/8" -"1346- Folsom-like arrowhead from Framklin Co., OH. From Meuser Collection. value 2.00" R.E.Bell

3 1/4" Clovis "1138- Folsom-like arrowhead from Johnson County, Illinois. From I. Peithman collection of Carbondale, Illinois. June 1940. Value 2.00" R.E.Bell

1 3/4" Clovis "1128-Folsom-like arrowhead found in Union Co., IL. From C. Thomas collection of Cobden. June 1940. Value 2.50" R.E.Bell

2 7/8" Hardin of Flintridge?? "1226- Arrowhead found in Jefferson Co., Ohio. From Payne collection bought from A.P. Laws of Springfield, IL." R.E.Bell

2 3/4" Quad "1196- arrowhead found in Preble Co., OH. From Payne colllection, A.P. Laws. value .75" R.E.Bell

Illustrated in "GUIDE to the identification of certain AMERICAN INDIAN PROJECTILE POINTS No.2" Plate 40, Item H

3 3/8" Flintridge Thebes "1168-Spearhead found on the Hurst farm 1 mile south of Williamsport, Dearcreek Township, Pickway Co., OH. value 2.50" R.E.Bell

ITEM # 136

7 7/8" Dickson markings "1595 DuBois Co IND Townsend Coll. found on Pakota Riv N.W. Huntingburg" Ex Robert Bell, Earl Townsend, & Bobby Onken Collections

3 3/8" Beaver Lake "1214 -Spearhead found in Scott Co., IL. From Payne Collection. Bought from A.P. Laws of Springfield. value 1.00" R.E.Bell

John Buckles Collection


Buckles 2


John Flynn Collection


Lar Hothem Collection

Lar 20- $

TYPE: Illinois Folsom

SIZE: 1 7/8"

HISTORY: SE IL. Ex-Bingman

NOTES: Pictured in The Lar Hothem Collection and Sale on page 72; lot 271

Pickenpaugh Collection

ITEM # 164

5"? Expanded center gorget found in Muskingum Co., Ohio

No collection history

Miscellaneous 193

7" Trisided tool Stark Co., OH



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