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Item # 7045

36.5 cm type IV Thin Butted Axe, Found near Ringkobing  Sidney Cohen Collection

Item # 7043

29.5 cm Single Grave/Boataxe Culture Hollow Edge Chisel

Item # 7030

13 cm Thickbutted Daggertime Axe Unique two wormholes in the bit! Cortex on both faces of the axe. Ex Kevin Pipes

12 cm thickbutted slim thinbladed daggertime axe

11.5 cm daggertime thickbutted axe 1500 b.c.

23.8 cm x 9cm thinbutted thinbladed early type

This is a 17.9 cm type E battleaxe (Glob classifikation) singlegrave. It is from jutland. Marked "H.1013 and 92.0.1245" Institute of Historic Archaeology, Arhus, Denmark. James Stowell traded N. American materials. Donated to Chemung  Co. Historical Society,  Elmira,  NY in 1930's or 1940's.  

13.2 cm  thinbutted axe type IV Adze. Red brown flint. DC Waldorf collection

13.5 cm

This is a 6 1/4 inch Thick butted "B" axe with reverse edge, around 2000 b.c.

21 cm Thinbutted axe, early type -type II collectors mark in white ink, if you know whose collection this is, please let me know "cc/10682"

15.5cm late thickbutted axe, Gouge or Reverse Edge form, Valby-type

11.5 cm two-sided pointbutted axe, gouge form, but it might be the late type from jaettestue culture

13.5 cm daggertime thinbladed axe 1500 b.c.

14.5 cm Reverse edge Axe

24 cm. Large, thick butted lindoe type axe. Brown mottled flint.  Inventory sticker "1428707305" Marked "E2479" on butt. Found Rodstofte,  south Sjaelland

.....16.5 cm Chisel


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